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The Conquest Has Begun!

ChinaTown Is a New Era in a Two Thousand Years Long History of the Silk Road

Start Your Business in Russia
with the ChinaTown Team!

  • The Project Goals

    The ChinaBrands business hub was created to develop mutually beneficial exchange of merchandise between the SCO member countries, especially China and Russia, and is primarily focused on the exclusive buying and selling of top quality tailor made goods manufactured in Russia and China.

  • Government Support

    The unprecedented project ChinaBrands is an important contribution to development of Russian and Chinese trade and economic relations, as well as creation of a new trading system, which allows increasing the trade turnover between our countries. All these goals are promoted with the governmental support of Russian and Chinese officials.

  • Special Logistics Project

    Thanks to the coordinated work of the ChinaBrands business hub and our partner, TLK Yuzhnouralsky, the railroad delivery time from China to Russia was cut by 75%, and now averages 10 days.

  • Infrastructure

    The Gallery is located in the 32nd km of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and provides uninterrupted supply and delivery of all kinds of goods from China and Russia. The gallery of 4 floors and retail space in excess of 247.000 sq. m., has 2.500 (twenty-five hundred) shops; 100.000 sq. m. of warehouses; over 30 freight elevators and 2.500 parking stalls. The Gallery provides 24-hour security, catering, recreation and entertainment.

What Do We Have For You?

Retail Space

2.500 shops with a total area of 90 000 sq.m.


Our own warehouse capacity
totals 100.000 sq.m.


Our own Beijing-Moscow-Chelyabinsk transport corridor


We have created a unique platform for online trading


Our support team is ready to solve any of your problems


Advantageous location, 5.000 parking stalls, food-court

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How Can ChinaTown Help Develop Your Business?

ChinaTown has all the tools you need to build and develop successful business in Russia in the shortest time possible.

  • «China Brands»

    We are the participants of the trade development program between Russia and China launched by the intergovernmental summit. ChinaTown Retail and Entertainment Gallery is the basis for the ChinaBrands international trade platform created with the support of Russian and Chinese top officials.
  • Single Window System

    Working in the Single Window system allows Chinese, Russian and other foreign companies optimize their financial and time costs, which, in its turn, puffs up sales and helps concentrate on the business processes.
  • Related Services

    Our set of related services is intended to facilitate the work of our foreign partners. These include: customs clearance; migration services; banking, notary, insurance, reference, advertising services; accounting services; logistics assistance for the tenants.
  • Perfect Logistics

    The goods delivery scheme developed by ChinaBrands transport and logistics partner, TLK Yuzhnouralsky, allowed cut the goods delivery time from China to Moscow by 75%. Yuzhnouralsky warehouse capacities can store up to 4.000 containers and accept up to 7 container trains every day. Thus, ChinaBrands provides ample opportunities for the Chinese manufacturers to enter the Russian market.
  • Strategically Important Location

    ChinaTown Retail & Entertainment Gallery is located in the 32nd km of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), at the intersection of the major throughways of Moscow. One of the largest Moscow shopping centers has become the platform for the Russian-Chinese business hub, China Brands, a meeting point for the manufacturers of high-quality goods from China and their partners from Russia and CIS countries.
  • Total Assets

    ChinaBrands primarily helps the Chinese manufacturers enter the Russian and, later on, the global market, as well as facilitates exploration of the Chinese market for the Russian and foreign businesses.
  • Reliable Partnership

    Risk minimization, easy communication, advanced business management techniques, international corporate affairs language make the ChinaBrands integrated business hub a reliable and trusted partner for the manufacturers and potential customers from Russia, CIS and Eurasian countries.
  • Conceptual Solution

    ChinaTown is based on the advanced concept of the ChinaBrands single trading platform. This makes it possible for the foreign manufacturers to interact directly with the customers in Russia, CIS and Eurasian region.

When I first came to Russia, I was struck by the gap between the business cultures of the East and West. Fortunately, I have found ChinaTown, a place where they understand the cultural values of the Chinese and are always willing to help. Many thanks to the ChinaBrands team!

Deshen Chang
Desheng Chang The company owner, ChinaTown tenant

At ChinaTown shopping center, we have not only found the retail space and warehouses, but also got a long-term strategic partner who is pleasant to deal with!

Songling Wenhua The representative of a Chinese company, ChinaTown tenant

For my company, ChinaTown has become a place where eastern and western cultures can understand each other better and together set out for their common goals of perfection, well-being and prosperity.

Shengli Yulong The company co-owner, ChinaTown partner

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How to Get to ChinaTown?

We are located in the 32nd km of MKAD (Moscow Ring Road), outer side.
Office Hours: 10 am – 8 pm