Видео: Borrowed Neutrals & Old Lighting Circuits

Shared Neutral

A shared neutral is a very dangerous situation, which can catch out even experienced electricians.

Shared or Borrowed Neutrals on Mains Electricity Circuits

Shared or borrowed neutrals, which are unwanted interconnections between two circuits. These can often be found in older ...

On Site With Matt EICR Labelling of Electrical Accessories and Finding a Borrowed Neutral

Matt is carrying out an electrical installation condition report EICR as he shows you the benefit of labelling accessories with circuit ...

Open neutral mini lesson

Quick lesson on the effect of opening the neutral conductor in a 120/240 circuit.

Two way switching fault finding

A brief look at what happens when two way lighting control is wired incorrectly Please watch: "Shared Neutral" ...

Can Neutral Wire Be Shared?

Can neutral wire be shared Watch more videos for more knowledge Shared or Borrowed Neutrals on Mains ...

How to Wire a One Way Light Circuit

This video is a drawing of how to wire a one-way light circuit. It shows the connections between supply from mains to ceiling rose, ...

Lighting Circuits Part 1

Basics of UK lighting circuits, connections to ceiling rose and light switch. Part 2: https://youtu.be/LPJ_nE1JAqg Part 3: ...

Electric Code Violation: Sharing Neutral Wires of Three Circuits Creates Hazardous Magnetic Field

When neutral wires of two or more separate circuits are connected at other than the main panel the electicity has multiple return ...

Neutral hot on light switch?

A short video showing the way mobile home wiring differs from home wiring.

Lighting Circuits Part 3 - Fans, Motion Sensor Lights, 3 Core & Earth Cable

Lighting circuits with extractor fans, ceiling fans, motion sensor PIR lights and other uses for 3 core & earth cable. ▻ Previous ...

Adding A Neutral Wire To A Light Switch - How To

Lutron Caseta System: https://amzn.to/2R6JuQA Lutron Switches: https://amzn.to/30vYvyz In this video we teach you how to add a ...

Common or Shared Neutral

Where two electrical circuits share the same neutral wire, must have a common trip and be fed from opposite phases.

Lighting Circuits Part 2 - Wiring Multiple Switches, 2 way and Intermediates

How to install two or more switches to operate a single light. Part 1: https://youtu.be/dnpV781c6Sw Part 3: ...

Wiring into a panel 12/3 a shared neutral line so each outlet has its own circuit(2)

I show and explain how to wire a split circuit and share the neutral with 12/3 on 20 amps (consult codes before doing)

I show and explain a shared neutral 2 separate circuits wiring a outlet 2 circuits in 1 outlet

2 circuits in 1 outlet i show and explain how its wired (consult codes before wiring) tutorial.

The rules of sharing a neutral wire.

Why 2 circuits of the same phase can't share a neutral.

Borrowed Neutral on Emergency Light

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Understanding an Open or Loaded Neutral

www.electrical-online.com. What is a loaded neutral, and why did I get a shock from it? This video is about getting a shock from an ...

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