Видео: Mundo2Rodas no GT Launch 2015, bikes GT Grade e Helion, com Luciano KDra Lancellotti

GT Bicycle 2015 Helion V5

ver más en http://www.iberobike.com/novedades-gt-bicycle-2015-grade-y-helion/

GT Helion 27.5 Mountain Bike Review By Performance Bicycle

GT has opted to try for the impossible: the stable killer. One of the scariest things that a bike company can do is to try to create one ...

GT BIKES - Helion

A donde vayas, siempre a tu ritmo. Nueva GT Helion liviana en tu andar. ‍♂️ ‍

GT Helion Expert VS GT Avalanche 1.0

Лыжная база Усть-Кут, Трасса ст. У-К. GT Avalanche 1.0 продан. Видео про GT Avalanche 1.0: ...

2016 Zaskar

Introducing the 2016 Zaskar. 25 years in the making, the most versatile XC hardtail we've ever made. Watch it all here.

GT Bicycles 2015 Sanction, Fury, Helion, Grade Preview

Chris Hopwood gives us a look at GT Bicycles 2015 Sanction, Fury, Helion and the popular Grade models. See more interviews ...

Impressões mountain bike: GT Helion Team

Veja o que o ciclista Gustavo Figueiredo tem a dizer sobre a full suspension GT Helion Team, especial para a revista VO2.

First ride on the new 2015 GT Helion carbon 27.5 in snow basin Utah

http://www.strava.com/activities/158641876 Sweet little rock drop at 5:50.

Cannondale and GT bikes demo day

Fun day in Tucson as we got to demo some high end bikes from both Cannondale and GT bikes at Bicycle Ranch Tucson.

Test: GT Helion Elite mountainbike

Voor wie GT niet kent… Het merk is in 1972 opgericht en maakte toen uitsluitend bmx – oneerbiedig gezegd cross – fietsen.

Lançamento Equipe GT Bicycles

A equipe da GT Bicycles no Brasil conta com diversidade de atletas e modalidades. Integram a equipe os embaixadores Luciano ...


Máme za sebou půlku sezóny a již teď jsou připraveny novinky pro rok 2015. Jedna z nich se jmenuje Helion od značky GT, ...

Video lançamento Equipes Dorel Sports 2015 no Brasil/EliteBike

Video de lançamento das equipes 2015 Dorel Sports no Brasil, Caloi Elite Team, Cannondale do Brasil e GT Bicycles do Brasil .

GT Helion Test ride

Blasting down the trails In Utah.

GT Bicycles Helion 2016 bike test - Gabicce Monte

Nella splendida località Romagnola di Gabicce Monte a due passi da RIccione capitale del divertimento, abbiamo provato la ...

Video equipe GT Lambari Iron Team

Fico muito feliz de fazer parte desse trabalho, juntamente com os parceiros GT Bicycles do Brasil e o amigos das 2Rodas do ...

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